SC Dogsled Team Training Journal

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Friday, September 30, 2005

OK Maybe no Heat

Cosmos - Kenai
Sakari - Yeti
Ulric - Dancer

65F (2 mile run)

It has been hot lately so we have not been able to run. I will not run over 70 F and even at 70 F it must be low humidity. Cosmos ran "his" trail. I had to pull him to get him to go straight past a turn going back home. Otherwise he did well with the "on by" command when passing other dogs and things of interest. Sakari kept her tug line tight and ran well for her first time in harness. She did lean on Yeti a lot. Kenai backed off a little near the end. So did Cosmos. Everyone else stayed tight. Everyone stops and waits well when I'm doing something with a team member.

Monday, September 05, 2005

First Day of Training for 05/06 season

Cosmos - Kenai
Yeti - Little Bear
Ulric - Dancer

Cosmos and Kenai are the lead dogs followed by Yeti and Little Bear with Ulric and Dancer as the wheel dogs (dogs closest to the sled).

Temp is 65 degrees F. (1 1/2 mile run)

The dogs all ran well. Iola was visiting and rode with us for our run. Afterwards Iola ran Sakari on a leash for a one and a half mile run.