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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Puppies Weight

Well, I finally figured out how to weigh the puppies. Hold them and stand on the scale then deduct my weight from it. Duh. :) Notice that the females are just a little larger than the boys. Does anyone have any suggestions for names for the puppies? If so then email me at

So here we go.

Chapin 169.2

Puppies Weight
Pup 1 M 2.4
pup 2 F 2.8
pup 3 M 2.4
pup 4 F 2.6
pup 5 M 2.2

Dog Cart

Over the weekend I converted a wagon to a dog cart so that I could work one on one at training lead dogs. It is much like a horse cart in that it has poles that connect to a harness on the side of the dog. I designed and sewed a bridle like for a horse but without the bit so I can steer the dog. I have designed a harness but I have to sew it first before I can put it all together and give it a try. I will add photos later.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Today's Happenings Timeline

At 13:40 I took Sunka's temp it was 101.2 (normal), but there was a pinkish discharge.

At 14:48 I checked on her to find that she had a puppy. This was the 1st. It has a wide gray strip on its back with a dark black line down the center of the back. It is gray in color. Has a white tip on the tail.

At 15:27 the 2nd pup arrived. It is cream with a white tip on the tail. Dark strips on the back.

At 15:56 3rd pup arrived. Its right ear is already half way up. It has a black tip on its tail and many black strips on its back.

At 16:27 4th pup arrived. Dark in color with a white tip on the tail.

At 17:15 5th pup arrived. Dark in color with a tiny white tip on the tail. Light cream color.

19:45 I don't feel anymore pups inside and so I place all the pups in a box with a heat pad and tak mom out to potty and she does nothing but want back in the house. I came in and cleaned up the whelping box and placed a clean blanket in it. Mom rushed in to see the pups and is laying there happy and content. She drank a little water and 2 small bites of food.
All the puppies have long bodies, long legs, wide bellies. You could not say that one is the runt. They are all equally porportioned.

Babies come wrapped in a nice covering when born

Mom (Sunka) and the first 4 pups

Puppy 5

Puppy 4

Puppy 3

Puppy 2

Puppy 1

All Five Pups

Who has been busy?

Well, looks like I'm not the only one who has been busy. Sunka had 5 puppies today. So here is our next generation of racers. Dancer is the proud father. I can tell they all five have the long legs of mom and dad.