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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fun Run 3

Finally we win a trophy. Second Place. What fun we had.

Fun Run 2

Here are some more photos. Yep the creek was just about frozen a little higher up the road from the event. I walked across the creek at one point and found a trout fisherman searching for a spot that was thawed.

Blue Ridge Fun Run in Damascus, VA

2/10/07 we ran in the fun run. I had Kenai-Tucker, Caleb-JoJo, Ulric-Dancer on my six dog team and we ran out butts off to a second place win. We did fine on the run down but on the way back just after starting Caleb got tangled and was flipped on his side. I instantly stopped the team and got him up but he did not want to run. I had to work with him for a moment to get him going again. But he did not pull the whole way back. He ran in place but the tug line was loose. The neck line was not pulling him so I know he was just keeping up but not working. There were no injuries.

Also, Fayth ran in the 4 dog class and she used my trusted lead dog Cosmos-Bear, Sasha-Yeti. I'll have to get more reports on Fayth's run but I do know from looking at the times that she ran this section of the trail 5 minutes faster than I did.

The people on scooters were flying past me as if I was just sitting there. I decided I had to build a scooter too so I can have fun at that speed. It has been a while since I broke something so I need a scooter and will have to hook up Dancer so I can make sure to have too much speed and have a great wreck. :) Remember, I will be wearing knee, wrist, elbow pads and a helment and hocky shoulder pads.

We had a great time at the run.

Here are some pictures of Fayth cutting up the steak before the event. Who said mushing did not take lots of work before, during and after the event?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dupont Forest

This weekend I went with Lindsey to Dupon Forest near Brevard and Hendersonville, NC. There are some nice trails there for running the dogs. One trail we ran came down a steep hill with ruts and washouts and rocks on the trail. It took great effort to keep the cart upright but we did it and had a blast. I ran 12 dogs. Cosmos-Kenai, Bear-Tucker, Caleb-JoJo, Sasha-Yeti, Ivu-Chelese (Lindsey's dog), Ulric-Dancer. And Lindsey's little Border Collie pup Trinity ran behind us. She got to ride on the cart on the way back. Ivu had his pads hurt so he was bagged and rode back in the cart. Sasha hurt her pads but was bootied and ran fine afterwards.