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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Animals in LBL

Here are some photos of animal that we saw at Land Between the Lakes Kentucky (LBL). Elk, Bison, Turkey.

Live With Lucas WIS TV

This morning we were priviledged to host the Live with Lucas show here at our house. We talked about the different equipment then took Lucas for a ride. It was a little rough at the start with Cosmos the leader biting at the co leader so we had an entanglement but we were soon off and running.

Land Between the Lakes Run

Chapin packed up 27 dogs in the new horse trailer outfitted for carrying us to fun places to run. The trailer can actually carry up to 60 dogs and has a sleeper in it for Chapin. I saw Chapin took the mattress off his bed and put fleece sheets on it and has a lamb skin blanket. He looks comfortable but a little too warm for me since I have a nice fur coat of my own. If the weather is good we get to sleep outside under the stars fastened to the outriggers on the side of the trailer. If the weather turns bad with rain Chapin takes us inside to keep us dry and we have hay to sleep on. The drive to Land Between the Lakes (LBL) took us about 12 hours and we "camped out" in a Wal Mart parking lot just west of Knoxville, TN (about half way). We met Chapin's friends Jeff, Alice, and Jenny there and they brought their dogs. This was the second run of the season and we ran aprox. 5 miles on the first run Saturday morning. Then another 5 miles Sat. night. During the afternoon Chapin took a team of puppies for their first ever run. Chapin came back ecstatic with the effort the puppies displayed. Four of those puppies are my neice and nephews...Skeeter, Miyatuk, Bell, Scarlet. My sister, Sunka, also ran in the lead with Cosmos to keep the puppies going the right direction. The pups ran about 3-4 miles. Also seen here are some photos of our new travel rig (truck and horse trailer).

First Run of the 07-08 Season

Our first run was about a month ago on a Sunday morning when it turned cool by chance. We went out and ran only 2.5 miles. Kathy got to go for her first dogsled ride ever on that day.

Ewakee's Adventures Season of 2007-2008

Well we had lots of photos that we did not get posted at the end of last year and I want to get them posted so I will have to do that elsewhere.

This year I will be writing the post from the perspective of my wheel dog Ulric whom I call Ewakee. The post will be Ewakee's Adventures. Ulric is the boy with the floppy ears looking back in the first photo. He is a sweet and hard working dog. He needs to have a sign around his neck that reads "Will Work for Belly Rubs". He is always working and never stops. He loves his job. Ulric is a Malamute Siberian Husky mix.