SC Dogsled Team Training Journal

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

12/4/07 New Cart from Jeff B.

I finally had a chance to run with the new cart. I first hooked up a team of puppies. I had Cosmos-Scarlet, Bell-Toshiba (slow in lead so moved back), Tokome-Cantelope, Max-Oreo, Miyatuk-Skeeter. They did well running after we got started. Before starting they kept twisting up their harnesses. I was impressed with the team yet again. I felt bad though because I had forgot to run Smokey Bones with the pupppy team and he is a great runner.

I came back with the puppies then put them away and hooked up 16 of the big dogs. I had Tucker-Bear, Yeti-Sasha, Caleb-Ivu, Nanook-Storm (cut all 4 pads but kept running and never quit. She is a strong willed dog who needs some conditioning), Mickey-Jojo, Boy-Girl, Red Bull-Sakari (started out fighting with Bull. Her speed slowed near the end), Ulric-Dancer.

I ran both teams 2.5 miles. Nanook looked good after his first run and still had energy. Mickey had a ton of energy left after the run. Boy hit his head on the stop sign trying to run on the wrong side and broke his neck snap (thank goodness for a snap that breaks at 10 lbs). Of course the normal team looked good all the way around. I was proud of Bear and Tucker for holding the lead when we passed a yard with barking dogs. I was also proud of Yeti and Sasha for holding out the line as well. Sasha is finally keeping up with the big boys and is ready for some speed training this year. Red Bull was a little slow as was Sakari. I think they both need conditioning. Ivu has been slow in the past but did well tonight. The boy and the girl (I have to find names for them) ran well and looked good after running.

So with 16 dogs running I was still able to lock down the brake and walk away from the cart. It slid a couple of times when I jamed on the brake but it did stop with just me on it. I don't think it would hurt to put more weight on the cart.

12/1/07 Saluda Shoals Park

I took 20 dogs to the park for Tails on the Trails. We gave several dog sled rides but it got to hot for the dogs to run. So we just talked with people.

12/1/07 Columbia Christmas Parade

We were in the Columbia Christmas Parade with Laci Stapp riding with us as the Grand Marshal. It was a lot of fun but we kept stopping about every 1/2 block for about 10-15 minutes. When we neared the end I asked why we stopped so much and the answer was..."for a comercial break". So even in real life we have to stop for a commercial. Not a good thing for a team of dogs that are trained for running. Thankfully the new cart held the team back without effort.

11/30/07 St John Neumann School 1st Grade

Today we went to St John Neumann School and spoke to the 1st grade class. I had Yeti, Jojo and Dominic. Fayth and her family went with me as well. I walked in with my fur on and two dogs tied to me. During the question time on boy asked "how do you tell the boy dogs from the girl dogs"? A teacher answered with "the girls are smaller".