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Saturday, September 30, 2006

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First Run of the Season

We had a wonderful run this morning. With this being the first run of the year I was happy to not see any one of the dogs dragging or looking tired. It was about 58 degrees but they seemed to do well. Cosmos the lead dog was halfway past the turn before he realized that I had told him Haw then he snapped the team to the left and off we went. They were looking strong even on the up hill grade they never stopped. I think we have the makings of a good team this year. Even Sakari who normally wants to fight with all the dogs around her behaved and ran like a charm. Our team today was Cosmos-Kenai, Little Bear-Sasha, Sakari-Yeti, Ulric-Dancer. It is supposed to warm up today so I think we will pack up the pontoon boat and head to the lake for a swim.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Start of a New Season (winter)

Well tonight it is currently 55 degrees F and should drop to 51 for a low. So early in the morning will be the start of our running time for this season. The cart is in position and everything is laid out. I only have to put the harnesses on the dogs and snap them into the gang line and we will be off and running. The line up for tomorrow is Cosmos-Kenai, Little Bear-Shasha, Yeti-Sakari, Dancer-Ulric. If this goes well and they remember how to work as a team I will add two new girls into this years team. They will be Maya, who is an Alaskan Husky, and Toshiba who has just turned two. That will take the team to 10 dogs running at once pulling the 160 lb cart and my 175 lb self. I'm hoping to find a four wheeler that does not run that I can use for running this group. We currently have 25 dogs here but some of them are to be adopted out from our Husky rescue. We had lots of puppies come in this summer and some females that delivered upon arrival with us. We are looking forward to a wonderful season this year. Drop us an email and find out where we will be running and come out and see us.

Summer Fun

What do we do with Siberian Huskies in the summer here in South Carolina? Well, we buy them a pontoon boat that belongs to them and we take them to the nearby Lake Murray and take them swimming. Not only does the swimming keep the dogs cool but it keeps them in shape. It also keeps me in shape. It has been so fun to take the dogs swimming. They get on the boat and relax and when I cut back on the engine and walk up to drop the anchor they start shaking. After I have dropped anchor and cut the engine I had a couple to "slip" (back out of their collars and jump in the water on their own. You would think that a dog would swim to shore. I had a few that would swim towards the center of the lake. A life jacket and a pair of diving fins came in real handy for chasing dogs. Swimming at the lake was also nice in that it cleaned the dogs. Because where I live there is red clay the dogs always have a reddish tint to them. After swimming some of the dogs again showed that they had white hair.

Around the House

Here are some photos from around the house.

Greenville Growl Hocky Game

We also had a chance to adopt out dogs from our shelter at the Greenville Growl Hocky game along with other dog rescues.

Feb 06 Trails 2

This was a 10 mile run up the side of a mountian that we did. It was a steep grade but the dogs pulled us up the 10 mile run in just under an hour. Then we had the 10 miles back down hill all the way back. We came back down in about 20 minutes. I remember the cart fishtailing. It was a wonderful trip. We camped out with the dogs and had "living blankets" (dogs cuddling up to us). With the wind it was down to -11 that weekend in NC.

School Visits

We also Visited several schools last year.
We took sleds, carts, dog gear, clothing etc to show everyone and let them touch it. Of course we took 8 of our dogs who were happy to lead the kids around.

Feb 06 Trails 1

Backing up in time I wanted to share some photos from last season. The trails were in the Asheville, NC area.